Way Cover Repair Guide

Summer shutdowns are fast approaching and are the perfect time to have your way cover repairs done. Shaver designs telescopic metal way covers, way cover repairCNC way covers, accordion way covers, machine tool way covers and more to suit any profile you need. Replacement of way covers is very costly, making repairs a great option for maintenance of your way cover and bellows.

Our way covers come in a wide variety of profiles that can be reverse-engineered by our team of technical consultants and engineers to provide a quick turnaround time. Shaver’s extensive library of way cover drawings help expedite the replacement or repair process. Shaver’s comprehensive line of covers includes horizontal covers, vertical covers, cross-rail way covers and dual axis motion covers.


Way cover repair services:

1. Panel replacement

If any of the metal panels in your telescopic cover appear damaged, they can easily be replaced with new panels.way cover repair

2. Way guide replacement

Broken or worn down way guides can cause improper motion and potential skewing of way covers. These can easily be replaced as part of the repair process.

3. Wiper replacement

If streaking is visible on the way cover surface or if debris collects below the lip, way cover wipers should be replaced. If your wiper can be removed from casings, only the rubber will need changing and can be done in your factory with stock wipers. If your wipers and casings were bought welded together, the entire way cover wiper will need to be replaced.

4. Panel straightening

If jerking is noticed during telescopic way cover movement, then panels can be straightened to improve way cover function.

5. V-guides and rollers

Squeaking noises during way cover movement may indicate an issue with V-guides and rollers and can be inspected by our technicians.


Other services:

Polishing, assembly, inspection and much more.


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