The Benefits of Industrial Curtain Enclosures

Divide Warehouse Facilities with a Temporary Curtain Wall

Overseeing a large facility with multiple different functions can benefit from dividing the workspaces/departments into their own functions. Different engagements in enclosed environments can operate efficiently and are easier to manage. The most efficient approach to enclosing a work environment and dividing departments is with a curtain enclosure. Our curtain enclosures are heavily used in commercial environments such as warehouses, factories, welding areas, temperature control environments (see our InsulWall insulated thermal curtains).

temperature control curtain

InsulWall Temperature Control Curtain

The industrial vinyl curtain enclosures have many benefits and can be customized to fit your environment and operations. Find out how your factory/warehouse can benefit from dividing their work space with a curtain enclosure below:

Top To Bottom Enclosures (floor-to-ceiling):

These type of curtain enclosures ensure that a work area is closed off with limited access. Access is designated through a single area of the curtain enclosure that would efficiently divide the factory/warehouse floors. Planning out the curtain enclosure to pass through lighting fixtures and other environmental barriers is possible when dividing an entire work area. The curtain dividers accommodate most environments while using your existing ceiling. Additionally, curtain enclosures are manufactured to meet your size requirements and can be made to retract or stationary depending on the functionality of the facility. Therefore, commercial curtain enclosures are the most economical solution for dividing your factory/warehouse floorspace.

Suspended Curtain Wall Enclosures:

Shaver Industries has multiple types of curtain wall enclosures depending on the functionality of your work area. Suspended curtain wall enclosures are curtain dividers that feature a suspended metal grid that is specifically designed to ensure maximum support of a soft wall. A key benefit of this type of curtain wall enclosure is the setup of the enclosure location. The suspended curtain wall enclosure ensures your commercial space is used to to maximize the work area. Therefore, incorporating a sliding industrial track system or a fixed mounting system depends on your requirements.

Food Grade Track System

Free Standing Detached Wall Enclosures:

Our free standing/detached wall enclosures ensure ultimate location flexibility when choosing where to setup a curtain divider system within your facility. Free standing curtain enclosure systems need floor support for this type of setup. Depending on your requirements, we can ensure a custom curtain enclosure system fits the functionality of your facility. Mounting systems and types of curtain enclosures vary depending on the size of the enclosure. Floor to ceiling curtain enclosures, suspended curtain enclosures, and free standing curtain enclosures are available.  Free standing curtain enclosures include a retractable or stationary side wall mounting system. This type of system features a partially suspended support grid which provides additional flexible vinyl ceiling covers.

Maximize Your Facility Productivity & Output:

Curtain enclosures can maximize your cost savings when compared to constructing permanent wall structures. By offering a high-quality PVC vinyl curtain divider, we can customize your facility to ensure management’s focus is on a specific department. Above all, ensuring maximum efficiency, productivity leading to maximum output. A designated area will allow employees to focus on their own departmental tasks – eliminating possible down-time of setup and external obstacles. Additionally, in case your designated work area needs to be adjusted, our curtain wall enclosures are easy to remove or restructure.

industrial curtain enclosure

Curtain Enclosure

Curtain Wall Enclosure Applications:

The curtain wall enclosures can be applied and customized to many different settings. In our past experience, working with multiple Fortune 500 companies (such as Linamar, Magna, and many more) needing curtain enclosures. We’ve installed curtain enclosures in a variety of areas and industries. Some applications include: Wash/Spray Down Areas, Work Area Dividers, Corrosive Environments, Production Areas, Welding/Grinding Areas, Prep Stations, and many more.

Most importantly, in fast-paced industries your facility functions may change – curtain enclosures allow your company to stay flexible. Curtain enclosures are important in controlling employee traffic, airflow, contaminants, temperature, odors, sound & light. This allows for various options depending on your unique facility needs. For more information on our curtain enclosures, check out our product brochure.

In conclusion, Shaver Industries has been manufacturing curtain enclosures in Canada for over 35 years. Using quality materials and an unmatched dedication to our craft – is what makes us one of the leading curtain enclosure manufacturers in North America.