Shaver Industries offers our Roll Up Mesh Bug Doors to maximize airflow and sunlight into your facilities, while keeping bugs, animals and other debris outside. These roll up screens can be used as industrial screen doors, commercial screen doors or dock door screens and offer a convenient solution to improve workplace conditions for employees and easier maintenance of your facilities.

industrial bug screen doors

Our bug screen doors are low maintenance and involve just a quick installation, as the upper box arrives pre-assembled upon delivery. Their ease of use increases workplace quality and enhances employee performance.

  • Fast roll up speed of 18″ or 30″ per second
  • Strong durability with welded seams and fibreglass pultrusions
  • meet NFPA-701 & CSFM standards for flame retardancy


industrial bug screen doorsAside from improving workplace conditions for employees, roll up mesh bug doors have major advantages to facility energy efficiency. These screens have a 65% shade factor. When used in summer months, facilities are kept cooler and employees are kept happier. An additional advantage is the natural lighting that helps lower energy bills.

Roll Up Mesh Bug Doors are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The screen doors can be installed as power roll up doors, spring assist roll up doors, or a sliding screen. Applicable facility areas for bug screen doors include loading docks, garages, waste areas, plant overhead doors, food packaging facilities and process areas.