Epic Performance and Mobility for Red Bull


Artifical sweeteners are increasingly replacing sugar or corn syrup in a range of products marked as “sugar-free” or “diet” including soft drinks, chewing gum, candy, fruit juice and ice cream. Today, Aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners. Red Bull currently uses Aspartame in their low and non-caloric products. To ensure the quality and stability of these products, Red Bull sought to construct a cold storage area within their warehouse space

Key Challenges

Red Bull, the world’s most consumed energy drink, sold 4.6 billion cans in 2011. Red Bull understands that today’s consumers are looking for energy drinks that offer no calories, sugar or carbohydrates. To meet that need, Red Bull globally distributes Red Bull Sugarfree and most recently, Red Bull Total Zero, replacing sucrose and glucose with sweeteners Aspartame, Acesulfame K and Sucralose. Aspartame containing products, such as Red Bull Sugarfree and Total Zero, require temperature-controlled storage conditions between 70° F- 75° F. Known for its worldwide alliance with extreme sports and racing cars, the folks at Red Bull are not averse to looking at their business differently. Red Bull is produced at a single facility in Austria and until recently been distributed around the world through a network of outside subsidiaries, importers and distributors. Today, however, Red Bull has taken on the challenge of becoming a self-distributing organization. Red Bull’s challenge was two-fold: create a cold storage room for its sugarfree products and utilize a wall solution that was modular and moveable.

InsulWall® Solution

New to self-distribution, the Red Bull organization decided to lease warehouse space to test their distribution model and processes. This strategy further reinforced their need for a thermal, modular product that could move with the business and not create permanent structural modifications to their leased space. Red Bull achieved its goal of developing a temperature-controlled area for Red Bull Sugarfree and Total Zero with Shaver Industries’s InsulWall, a flexible, modular thermal curtain wall.

InsulWall® Delivered

With InsulWall, Red Bull has been able to:

  • Create a controlled air space;
  • Construct walls without permanent, costly structures in leased space; and
  • Maintain temperatures at distribution centers in areas of the country known for extreme heat. InsulWall performs, endures, and moves….for Red Bull.
temperature control curtain