“ We deal exclusively with coffee production at our Chicago location. InsulWall® was the right choice for our packaging equipment to create a clean environment to control temperature, humidity and even noise.” Don Ward, Corporate Facilities Manager

Facility: 209,000 Sq.Ft

Purpose: Coffee Packaging Equipment

Strategy: Potential For Future Expansion

M. Block & Sons

Founded in 1908, M. Block & Sons began as a manufacturer of metal cabinets, hampers and pantry ware, M. Block diversified into distribution when steel became rationed during World War II. More than 106 years later, M. Block & Sons is a leading distributor of consumer products to retailers across the country. Vendor partners include Green Mountain Roasters and their Keurig single-serve coffee division, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, and Tristar Products.


In 2013 M. Block & Sons extensively renovated its Chicago distribution facility. At the same time, a clean, temperature-controlled environment was needed to contain its new Keurig packaging equipment. After evaluating hard wall, dry wall, and lumber – it was determined that these options were both costly and did not address M. Block’s future growth plans.


Don Ward turned to InsulWall to help create a temperature-controlled clean room for the new Keurig packaging equipment. After evaluating various material options to build this room, InsulWall was selected for its thermal properties, modularity, and flexibility to grow with the expected expansion. InsulWall was hung from the ceiling joists, worked around ventilation systems, and easily framed out a series of rollup doors. Within two weeks this large clean room was operational with little business interruption to the facility

InsulWall® Delivered

InsulWall installed quickly, controls temperature and humidity, has the ability to expand quickly, and had an unexpected benefit of noise control. “We did a test of the temperature control this summer – it was 94° outside, 80° in the warehouse, and 74° in the packaging area – proving to us InsulWall’s effectiveness,” said Don Ward, Corporate Facilities Manager. “We’re very pleased with InsulWall and will expand this clean room in 2014 with additional InsulWall panels.”