One Sweet Ice Cream Room

Client: Largest North American distributor of food products to restaurants and institutions

Warehouse Space: 1170,000 sq. ft. distribution center

Challenge: 170,000 sq. ft. distribution center

temperature control curtain


  • In 2005, the Operations group teamed with Shaver Industries to install InsulWall to zone their cooler areas.
  • In 2010, the Operations team determined that a larger 36° F cooler and a new ice cream room was needed.


  • Reconfigure the two cooler areas into one to create a more efficient pick/ pack process.
  • Create new -20° F ice cream room within the freezer reusing existing InsulWall panels from the cooler and purchasing additional panels.
  • “We have been waiting to build our ice cream freezer until we reconfigured the cooler area — knowing we’d have extra InsulWall panels available from the cooler. We were able to reuse all of the panels and order just 7 InsulWall panels to complete our 35’ x 60’ ice cream freezer,” commented the Director of Facility Operations.

InsulWall® Delivered

Many factors affect price including labor, freight, facility, etc. This is an average cost comparison of removing a 31 ft. wall and building a new 60 ft. wall.

temperature control enclosure