Aerospace Welding Facility Reconfiguration

Client: This company is an international leader in fabrication and machining of complex aerospace engine components.


Our customer wanted to improve accessibility and workflow in their weld area that would: • Allow large items to be moved into welding area • Enable welders to exit the weld area quickly • Provide openings for oversized material to be moved into the welding area


Shaver created drawings for a new design of the space that addressed these objectives:

1. The weld space was redesigned with the intergration of three of Shaver’s products

2. RWS allowed welders to move large items into the welding area

3. PVC allows welders to exit the weld area quickly

4. Welding curtains on a sliding track allow for oversized material to fit into the welding area


Our customer now has a much more efficient, convenient and flexible weld area:

  • Functionality and Efficiency at a Competitive Price
  • Shaver’s custom approach resulted in a highly functional solution, at a lower price than the competition
  • Accessibility – ease of access for moving oversized material
  • Welders can exit quickly from the weld area