Power Roll Up Door Contains Noise Reduction Properties

The 6000 Series Power Roll-Up Door was the perfect solution for a press shop client who was concerned about the noise levels. These levels often reached 100 decibels, whenever parts were being dumped into the hopper.

In addition to the challenges of meeting industry noise regulations, the owner wanted to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for his employees. The forklift operators needed easy access to the dumping area, without standard heavy metal doors to slow them down.

The Shaver team was called in to assess the situation, and within ten days, they had designed a custom power roll-up noise barrier that solved all of their problems.

Shaver redesigned a standard door by using special noise abatement material and a 3-phase 3/4 HP motor for nominal speeds of up to 2 feet per second. The press shop owner was impressed with Shaver’s solution and competitive price and right away purchased three more doors. Now the employees are protected from the dangers of excessive noise, and the forklift operators can move quickly through the doors to get their job done.