Power Roll Up Doors For Food Handling Industry

roll up doors food handling

A major food handling company turned to Shaver when they were looking for some expertise in sourcing high-efficiency doors for their plant. They were pleased to find a team of professionals ready to provide complete design, production and installation of the seven Power Roll-Up doors they needed.

The customer’s main concerns were that the doors open and close easily, withstand frequent use, provide insulation and avoid impact with people and equipment.

Shaver’s fully automated Power Roll-Up Door proved to meet all of their requirements. Powered by microprocessors, the door is made with food grade approved PVC and a stainless steel cover to meet the stringent food plant specifications. A soft bottom safety edge that retracts on contact keeps people and equipment safe.

The Roll-Up Doors require less maintenance that swing doors or rigid sliding and bi-parting doors, which tend to wear down quickly.