Our case study highlights the benefits of upgrading to our Retractable Weld Screens through our client in the Automotive industry – Daifuku.


The Retractable Weld Screen provides a dynamic approach to sectioning your welding department. With the Retractable Weld Screen, your welders are able to quickly setup their welding section to either enlarge or reduce the floorspace depending on the work environment needs. The retractable curtains are also convenient for moving large objects in & out of the welding area. The ability to quickly customize your welding area is one of the key components of the Retractable Weld Screen. The dynamic design of the Retractable Weld Screen features multiple configuration options , such as:

retractable weld screen configurations


Providing Welding Protection For Your Business

The Retractable (fixed or portable) Welding Screens use tension from the roller base to keep the guard tight once it is connected opposite to the base. The operator simply walks the guard from the base mount roller to the latches located on the opposite side of the work cell. When it is time to move a product into or out of the work cell, the operator unlatches the guard, and walks it back to the roller base.


• Protects against welding sparks, heat, ultraviolet light and flying debris
• Allows for easy mobility by wheel base implementation
• Eliminates the effort of man-handling large sections of stationary guards
• Allows rapid access for forklifts into work cell
• Extends up to 20 feet in length
• Spring tension roller is always taunt and automatically retracts
• The welding screen requires no overhead suspension which allows top access
• The industrial welding screen attaches with a simple J-hook opposite the roller
• The welding shade can be easily replaced if damaged

Case Study – Daifuku

As the company expands, our production lines must maintain prior efficiency levels. Looking for new products such as the Retractable Weld Screen, ensures that our production lines expansion correlates with company growth. The Client (Daifuku) addressed certain challenges they were having and asked us at Shaver Industries how we’d improve their efficiency by conveying how our Retractable Weld Screen would improve their welding department. We identified the solutions to their challenges and how they can position our product to reach maximum efficiency.


Floor Space: Expanding much needed floor space allows us to accommodate for larger projects and a higher volume of projects.

Safety: Moving larger items in & out of the welding area with a crane and forklift was time consuming and potentially increased the risk of workplace injury.

Work Flow: Larger projects require the welding area to be more dynamic. We have to adjust the welding space to accommodate for larger objects.


Replace Traditional Weld Screens: Our Retractable Weld Screen replaces traditional weld screens allowing for more floor space to be utilized to allow for more projects.

Improved Functionality: To prevent workplace safety and increase efficiency, the retraction function of our product alleviates the physical stress needed to setup a weld area.

Increased Efficiency: The dynamic features of the Retractable Weld Screens allow for a quick approach to customizing the welding department. This lead to an improvement in work flow and efficiency.


95% Efficiency Increase

Retractable Weld Screens increased the efficiency of the welding department by 95%. This was achieved by allocating more floor space and allowing for an increase in overall productivity and the volume of projects in the welding department at once. The Retractable Weld Screens also helped increase the efficiency of the department work flow.This allowed for projects to move quicker throughout the welding department.

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