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Welding & Grinding Curtain

Our welding & grinding curtains and safety screens are designed to protect you from grinding and welding hazards. Our industrial high temperature grinding and welding screens and curtains are designed to resist flying sparks while allowing light to pass through. We use a tinted PVC to ensure that your colleagues eyes are protected from dangerous lights and sparks. Our welding & grinding curtains are available in many different mounting options, we work with you to find the best possible mounting option. we also offer many different colors and sizes.




  • Keep Your Colleagues Safe
  • Cost Efficient vs. Brick & Mortar Wall
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Control Contaminates


  • Grinding /Sanding Areas
  • Welding Areas
  • Prep Stations
  • Under-Coat Bays
  • Metal Shops
  • Airborne Particle Containment

Welding & Grinding Solutions


Our curtains are specially designed to protect from arc welding, grinding, and resistance from flying sparks. We ensure that visibility is available on both sides of the curtain. Welding and grinding curtains are a quick way to divide workspaces and also improves efficiency by defining work areas. The curtains can be moved quickly & easily to setup a mobile workspace or in case of a larger size project.


Welding and grinding curtains meet the required safety regulations and are OSHA approved. The U.V. blocking layer protects the eyes from indirect flash/arc exposure. The curtains are flame and spark resistant.


Welding and grinding curtains are available in many configurations to suit your unique business needs. Our hanging welding curtains are designed to isolate one or more welding areas. They can also be joined to form a dividing welding wall. One of many advantages is that they have the ability to fold around a corner utilizing the exact amount of space needed. We currently feature three material options for vinyl welding curtains: opaque material, tinted material, or canvas (hot works) welding curtains.

Product Details

Rolling Hardware

  • 16 gauge galvanized steel tracks
  • Nylon roller hooks for easy opening
  • 6 mounting styles to connect to various structures
  • Free standing hardware for up to 20′ in height

Static Hardware

  • Aluminum angle – Use with self tapping Tek screws
  • I-beam clamps – Clamps onto the flange of beams, joists and purlings

Shade Features

  • Blocks most harmful UV radiation for welding
  • Ideal for welding applications
  • NFPA fire retardant, CFM fire retardant
  • Finished edges for clean crisp appearance
  • Grommets every 12″ located at the top of the curtain


  • Tinted: 14mil and 40mil
    • Very Common
  • Opaque: 13, 18 and 22oz
    • Very Common
  • Clear: 20 and 40mil
    • does not block harmful UV rays
  • Canvas: 12oz
    • Used for heavy close range welding

Tinted Vision Panels

Tinted vision panels can be added to allow for a
line of site through the curtain. Standard vision
panels are 54″ in height but can be made to any
size. Uses welding grade tinted material.

Curtain Valances

A valance is made from the same material as the
lower curtain. They are used to seal the opening
above the curtain. This is generally the space from
the roof deck to the bottom of the joist or purling.
They can be rectangular or follow the slope of the roof.
Helps maintain welding fumes from migrating.

Floor Sweeps

A floor sweep seals the open area between the
curtain and the floor. It attaches to the main
curtain by Velcro. They are 6″ tall and as wide
as the entire length of the curtain. These are
ideal for controlling dust, fumes, odors and
other undesirable elements. They can also be
replaced in the future should the friction from
the floor wear them out.

Anchor Straps

Velcro straps hold your curtain in place if wind
is present or a more secure curtain is required.
These anchors feature Velcro straps which loop
through a D-ring which is anchored into the
cement floor. Typically spaced every 4′.

Seal Velcro

Seal Velcro also known as adhesive Velcro sticks
onto your curtain and can be installed in the field.
Please note that this is not ideal for cold
temperature applications or high-frequency use.

Chain Weights

If you have a slight breeze near the curtain then
we can add a galvanized 3/16″ chain weight to
the bottom of the curtain.


Velco is used to connect curtain sections
together to form larger curtain walls. The
velcro also serves as an access points for
larger curtains and makes them easier to


Seal magnets are an idea way to attach curtains
to each other or adjacent steel walls and beams.
Best utilized in dusty areas that would clog up

Sewn In PVC Strip Doors

Strip doors that are sewn into the curtain are
ideal for light foot traffic. This allows for quick
movement of people into and out of the
industrial curtains.

Free Standing PVC Strip Doors

For motorized traffic a free-standing steel frame
strip door is ideal. The steel frame takes the
stress off of the curtain wall ensuring longevity
and performance for motor traffic and high use.

Swinging Impact Doors

A free-standing industrial swinging door can
also be provided for access. Also known as
impact doors, these heavy duty doors can
take a lot of abuse from carts, fork lifts or
heavy foot traffic.

Roll Up Doors

Supported with a free-standing steel frame
the power roll up doors can be opened and
closed via remote from a fork lift. Door
styles and prices vary based on frequency
of opening and closing, speed requirements
and size.

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Established in 1986, Shaver Industries has evolved to become a trusted name in manufacturing, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele.

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