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The Retractable Weld Screens can be moved quickly & efficiently to anywhere that you may be welding. The Retractable (fixed or portable) Welding Screens use tension from the roller base to keep the guard tight once it is connected opposite to the base. The operator simply walks the guard from the base mount roller to the latches located on the opposite side of the work cell. When it is time to move a product into or out of the work cell, the operator unlatches the guard, and walks it back to the roller base.

  • Portable, lightweight, and durable
  • Free-standing (no need for a fixed unit)
  • Allows for easy mobility by wheel base implementation
  • Eliminates the effort of man-handling large sections of stationary guards
  • Allows rapid access for forklifts into work cell
  • Conserves floor space
  • Protects against welding sparks, heat, ultraviolet light and flying debris
  • The retractable welding screen will extend up to 20 feet in length
  • The spring tension roller is always taunt and automatically retracts
  • When not in use the industrial retractable shade stores rolled up
  • The welding screen requires no overhead suspension which allows top access
  • Overhead cranes have a clear path into the work cell when rolled up
  • The industrial welding screen attaches with a simple J-hook opposite the roller
  • The welding shade can be easily replaced if damaged

Retractable Weld Screen Advantages

Weld Curtain Retracting

When welding operations are ready, the operator will take control of the curtain and hook it to the J-Hook on the opposite post.

Weld Curtain Not In Use

The tinted welding curtain fully retracted when not in use. Employees are provided with the ability to move freely in and out of the welding cells. This is especially beneficial when moving large parts in and out of the welding cell.

Mobile Posts

The benefit of the Retractable Weld Curtain is the mobile posts. Mobile posts allow for full welding cell customization. Unlike fixed welding cells, the Retractable Weld Curtain mobile posts allow you to move the welding cell and improve safety & protection in other work areas quickly & efficiently.

End-to-End Welding Solution

The Retractable Weld Screen can be combined with adjacent welding cells to protect your entire welding area. Customizable to meet your unique needs.

Curtain Benefits

The Retractable Weld Curtain features bright yellow posts that increase the visibility in your workplace. The curtains are 100% replaceable if any damage may occur. The Retractable Weld Curtain is best used for TIG, MIG, and Stick welding. The curtains can be attached to any stable structure, suiting your unique workplace requirements.

Various Applications

The Retractable Weld Curtain can be used to accommodate your specific needs. Common uses are: Mobile Welding Curtains, Customizable Welding Cells, Portable Welding Cells, Temporary Welding Cells, etc. The Retractable Weld Curtain has the functionality that guarantees an application for your unique setup

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Shade Color Options

retractable weld screen

Blue Screen Shade

Orange Screen Shade

retractable weld screen

Dark Green Screen Shade

retractable weld screen

Yellow Screen Shade

Retractable Weld Screen Configurations

retractable weld screen configurationsThe Retractable Weld Screen can be configured in a customized scenario depending on your facility and your welding screen needs. The welding department can be configured as needed with this innovative welding solution. The retractable weld screen base is available in fixed of mobile (base includes casters) and can be moved to accommodate welding department needs quickly & easily. Below is an example of our retractable weld screen facility configuration schemes that have been proven to increase welding department efficiency, improve worker safety, ensure weld screen stability, and ensure overhead crane and forklift access is quick and safe.

retractable weld screen configurations



  • Dimensions: 20.40″ x 20.40″ x 96″ tall
  • Weight w/o ballast: 80lbs
  • Est. weight w/ ballast: 145lbs
  • Weight for base pans not included
  • Post base without curtains can also be purchased
  • Springs are rated for up to 250,000 cycles

Shade Attachment

  • Curtains attach with supplied J-Hooks
  • Can attach to another post or existing walls, beams, etc.
  • 4 curtains can connect to a single post

Curtain Size

  • Curtain – 5′ 6″ high x 20′ wide
  • Custom curtain sizes available (No taller than 6′ or wider than 25′) +$280

Curtain Colors

  • Semi Transparent Orange
  • Semi Transparent Blue
  • Semi Transparent Dark Green
  • Semi Transparent Yellow
  • Semi Transparent Gray
  • Clear – (Will Not Block UV Light)
  • Opaque Yellow
  • Opaque Blue
  • Opaque Green

Curtain Material

  • Semi Transparent Curtain: 14mil PVC Welding Screen
  • Opaque Curtains: 18oz PVC Welding Screen
  • Fire retardant | CFM Rated

Do you need to fill the base with cement?

  • Any shade that is wider than 8′ to 10′ would require weight to be added to the base pan. Some customer’s use cement and others use steel or other heavy objects.

Are the mobile welding shades hard to move?

  • No they are very easy to move around your shop. Simply tilt the shades backwards and then roll them into place using the industrial casters that are attached at the base.

Are the welding shades replaceable?

  • Yes the welding shades are replaceable should they become damaged. Contact us and we would provide you with the replacement shade.

How do the shades attach to the opposing posts / wall?

  • They utilize a simple J-hook design. Each shade has an aluminum bar that is held in place by two J-Hooks using the tension force of the shade. These are attached to an adjacent post or you can attach them to any existing structure you currently have such as a vertical wall or steel columns.

Can we make any shape?

  • The unique benefit of this type of portable welding screen system is that almost any shape can be designed. You can form long straight welding walls or you can form multiple welding cells. It allows for flexibility in manufacturing for both personnel and robotic welding operations.

Can these be electrically interlocked so the machine they are guarding does not start until the shade is pulled shut?

  • As far as using safety interlocks and proximity switches that is something that you can do on site if you have a controls company or if you have a capable maintenance person working at your facility. We don’t provide any of the electronic devices required to make that set up but it actually is fairly common with customers as a retrofit that they install. Customers typically do this so that they can make sure the curtain is pulled shut before the equipment starts working.

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