Welding Protection Solutions

Our welding protection solutions are designed to protect you from welding hazards. Our industrial high temperature grinding and welding screens and curtains are designed to resist flying sparks while allowing light to pass through. We ensure that your colleagues eyes are protected from dangerous lights and sparks. Our welding protection solutions are customized to meet your business needs and offer long-lasting performance. Our welding curtains are available in many different mounting options, colors and sizes. Our product experts will work with you to find the best possible welding protection solution.

The Retractable Weld Screen can be configured depending on your facility & welding needs.

Our industrial grinding & welding screens/curtains are designed to protect from welding hazards.

pvc weld strip curtain

PVC welding strips are available in different sizes, colors, and mounting options.

Our line of portable weld screens come in a variety of different sizes and colors to meet your needs.

Protect workers and equipment from dangerous high-heats from welding and grinding areas.

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