fabric way cover
fabric way cover
fabric way cover
fabric way cover
fabric way cover

Enhance CNC Machine Performance

Advanced Thermic Bonding Fabric Way Covers

Elevate your CNC machine’s performance with Shaver Industries’ innovative Fabric Way Covers featuring Advanced Thermic Bonding. Unlike traditional stitching, this method prevents wear and tear, ensuring extended product lifespan. Our custom-made covers are designed for versatility, resisting temperatures from -40°C to 1000°C, self-extinguishing, and resistant to oil, coolant, and chemicals. Specializing in high-speed cutting, chip protection, laser beam protection, and more, Shaver Industries delivers tailored solutions for diverse machining needs. Experience reinforced strength, increased rigidity, and aesthetic appeal with our Folded (Thermic) covers, offering maximum protection and flexibility in varied environments. Trust Shaver Industries for cutting-edge solutions that enhance both durability and CNC machine efficiency.


  • Maximum flexibility & compression
  • Cover multiple sides on a machine
  • Machine component protection
  • Custom designs available


  • Protection of ways, ensuring components last longer and require less maintenance costs/time
  • Add reinforced strength and increased rigidity
  • More aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to sewn protection
  • Maximum protection and flexibility in a wide range of environments
  • High temperature resistance


  • Machine guideways
  • Linear guide protection
  • Screen or aesthetic barrier
  • Variety of applicable materials: Oz, Preotex, Aluminized Kevlar


When choosing a fabric way cover, there are a few factors to consider for ultimate protection – such as:

  • Communicate exact application requirements
  • Temperature requirements, including ambient temperature and nearby heat sources
  • Environmental control factors, such as dust, acid, oils, coolant, weld splatter, pressure conditions, etc.
  • Velocity & acceleration (speed) needed for the cover and the frequency of cycle runs
  • Requirements for load-support (heavy chip load, protection from heavy equipment, maintenance needs, etc.)
  • Orientation of cover movement (vertical, horizontal, cross/frontal, ceiling/roof cover)


Mostly made from steel or aluminum, attach the bellows to the machine. We offer various fastening solutions for different machines and bellow interfaces.

Provide the stability that is necessary to enable a precise operation. They’re made from PVC and directly welded to the cover.

Used in large and heavy bellows. Minimize friction and ensure excellent running properties

Used in medium and large bellows with a high amount of folds in order to connect all the bellow elements together.

Used for high speeds. Allows an even extension of all elements across the whole extension length. This allows folds to endure less strain and prolong durability. Half-scissors available – if needed based on application.

Fixed or hinged, stainless steel lamellas can be added to provide protection against hot, sharp swarf, or mechanical strain.

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