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Roll Up Machine Guard

Shaver Industries manufactures spring-loaded roll up machine guarding covers. One of the most common workplace injuries is hand injuries and our roll up machine guarding covers prevent operators from getting their hands or feet inside of the machines. The guarding also contains flying debris which could potentially injure someone. Our roll up machine guards are custom made for every application. When customizing a roll up machine guard, we ensure that the machine guard is developed to suit your environment, duty, and cycle count. Retractable machine guards can apply to your machine function as they can be rolled and un-rolled to protect the employee and machine as needed. The roll up machine safety guards can be attached by a variety of methods and can be customized for unlimited applications. Roll up machine guards can also be manufactured to suit your environment, as typical facilities want to ensure they use as little space as possible – unlike larger bellows we can tailor the product to use a small amount of space in your facility. Roll up machine guarding safety products will help you meet OSHA regulations while increasing employee safety.

Retractable (roll up) machine guarding includes high-quality roller springs to minimize spring deterioration. Our high-performance spring rollers are tested with your industrial retractable (roll up) machine guarding in rough conditions to ensure that performance will not be compromised in most industrial applications.

  • Made from Vinyl Coated Polyester, Hypalon or Neoprene materials.
  • High-temperature safety guards (Environments hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit need different shades – we offer shades that withstand 1200°F).
  • Available with or without canisters.
  • Retractable (roll up) machine safety guard shade can be mounted and placed based on your application and facility space.
  • Steel protective case housing available for retractable (roll up) machine guarding.
  • Each of our rollers are custom designed for your application based on the use, environment, number of cycles, and shade colour.

Product Benefits

  • Protect employees from dangerous moving parts
  • Keep debris out of operating machines
  • Increase the life span of machines


  • Guarding Scissor Lift Tables
  • Roll Up Way Covers
  • Guarding Pinch Points on OEM machines
  • Containing Over-spray
  • Roll Up CNC Way Cover Guards
  • Upender Tilter Guards
  • General Roll Up Protection


Our highly qualified service technicians are available to install and service our products to maximize the return on your investment. To reduce your downtime, we have spare parts in stock for immediate delivery and are available day or night.

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