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heavy duty roll up guarding
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Shaver Industries heavy duty roll-up covers are designed to walk on with minimal deflection to protect workers from moving machines, open pits, machine tool chargers and large chemical tanks. These are designed to cover up to 8 meters wide.


  • Spring drive take-up
  • Motor-driven scroll take-up
  • Filter lubricator regulator
  • Air brake
  • Nylon riders
  • Brush wiper
  • Non-skid tape or paint
  • Sponge sealed edges


  • Machine ways or pit cover
  • Inspection pit cover
  • Machine tool changer pit cover
  • Roll-up cover for chemical tanks


Our highly qualified service technicians are available to install and service our products to maximize the return on your investment. To reduce your downtime, we have spare parts in stock for immediate delivery and are available day or night.

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Established in 1986, Shaver Industries has evolved to become a trusted name in manufacturing, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele.

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