Aluminum Roll Up Machine Guarding

Shaver Industries aluminum roll up apron covers are highly flexible and designed for optimum protection again falling work pieces. These have been designed for extreme working conditions. Designed for light to medium duty applications, apron covers slide over the edge of the end of the way, rather than rolling up on a canister. They can be weighted or fixed at the end not fastened to the moving part. Our flexible aluminum machine guard aprons are designed to ensure your equipment lifecycle is optimized while improving employee safety.

The aluminum roll up apron covers are high-performance machine safety guards that can be attached by a variety of methods and can be customized for unlimited applications. Aluminum roll up apron machine guard covers can also be manufactured to suit your environment, as typical facilities want to ensure they use as little space as possible – unlike larger bellows we can tailor the product to use a small amount of space in your facility. Aluminum roll up apron machine guarding safety products will help you meet OSHA regulations and ensure a safe work environment.

Product Benefits

  • Easy assembly
  • Highly resistant again oil, grease and coolants
  • Reinforced on both sides
  • Protects against high volumes of shavings/chips


  • Machine protection
  • Open machinery


Our highly qualified service technicians are available to install and service our products to maximize the return on your investment. To reduce your downtime, we have spare parts in stock for immediate delivery and are available day or night.

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