Industrial Roll Up Doors

Shaver Industries’ gravity doors are designed for commercial door applications that have areas with low, negative or positive airflow. We provide a vast range of different power roll-up doors for both interior and exterior applications. With a variety of different speeds, frequencies, materials, sizes and accessories; we are able to provide you with the right door for your application.

Benefits of our commercial doors:

  • High speed vinyl doors roll up to 96″/second – ensuring high performance and optimal environment control.
  • Our commercial doors are fire resistant, mildew and rot resistant – increasing the longevity and safety of the commercial doors.
  • Most of our high speed doors contain an auto realignment feature that ensures lift performance.
  • Industrial doors are wind load rated to protect the structural integrity associated from high speed winds.
  • The industrial doors require very low maintenance to maintain quality of high speed doors.
  • A perfect choice for many applications, such as: Loading docks, waste areas, plant overhead doors, food packaging/processing, process areas, room dividers, freezer/cold storage, pharmaceutical, hospitals, laboratories, controlled environment, wash down areas, corrosive environments, distribution/warehousing, manufacturing, loading docks, car washes, etc.

Standard Features:

  • Designed for areas with low, negative or positive airflow for a range of power roll-up doors for interior & exterior applications.
  • Saves energy and time by opening and closing the door’s opening up to 12 times faster than a traditional sectional overhead door.
  • Allows the same exterior door to be used in both warm & cold weather situations. Allow air to flow through in summer and keep heat in during cooler months.
  • Significantly reduces heat loss while allowing light into work areas.
  • Controls airborne contaminants like dust and debris.
  • Mesh option allows fresh air to flow into your facility.
  • Full width roll cover provides separation and protection for your commercial high speed door.
  • Auto-reset after impact is included to reduce maintenance calls for your commercial roll up door.
  • Our industrial roll up doors feature an auto-close timer that ensures maximum environmental and safety control.
  • Roll up doors feature an optional full-width window to increase safety and visibility in your facility.
  • The commercial roll up door arrives with easily replaceable door panels that are quickly shipped and priced affordably.
  • The roll up doors feature fiberglass wind bars that resist bending, breaking, or taking a permanent set when impacted.

Satisfied Customers

Established in 1986, Shaver Industries has evolved to become a trusted name in manufacturing, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele.

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