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Shaver Industries’ gravity doors are designed for commercial door applications that have areas with low, negative or positive airflow. We provide a vast range of different power roll-up doors for both interior and exterior applications. With a variety of different speeds, frequencies, materials, sizes and accessories; we are able to provide you with the right door for your application.


  • Designed for areas with low, negative or positive airflow for a range of power roll-up doors for interior & exterior applications.
  • Saves energy and time by opening and closing the door’s opening up to 12 times faster than a traditional sectional overhead door.
  • Allows the same exterior door to be used in both warm & cold weather situations. Allow air to flow through in summer and keep heat in during cooler months.
  • Significantly reduces heat loss while allowing light into work areas

  • Controls airborne contaminants like dust and debris

  • Mesh option allows fresh air to flow into your facility

  • Full width roll cover provides separation and protection for your commercial high speed door.

  • Auto-reset after impact is included to reduce maintenance calls for your commercial roll up door

  • Our industrial roll up doors feature an auto-close timer that ensures maximum environmental and safety control.

  • Roll up doors feature an optional full-width window to increase safety and visibility in your facility.

  • The commercial roll up door arrives with easily replaceable door panels that are quickly shipped and priced affordably

  • The roll up doors feature fiberglass wind bars that resist bending, breaking, or taking a permanent set when impacted.


LZRTect can be easily pulled or retracted when
needed, ensuring steady protection during welding.
The operator simply walks the guard from the roller
tube to the J-hooks located on the opposite side of
the work cell.

The flexible design allows the weld screen to be adapted to different environments and working conditions. The shield can be positioned at various angles, and its width can be easily adjusted to ensure optimal welding protection, making it an
ideal solution for any environment with diverse
welding needs.

LZRTect provides optimal protection with a max
irradiance of 250W/cm2 and protection against
diffusion beams, ensuring the safety of the operator and the work environment.

LZRTect has various mounting options such as wall mounts and mobile bases that allow for easy mobility and various welding setups, providing versatility and adaptability in any workspace.

LZRTect is designed specifically for the IPG LightWeld product, ensuring maximum compatibility
and effectiveness.

Seamless integration with a magnetic interlock is possible, allowing for enhanced safety and security measures.

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