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Industrial Noise Control products are for acoustical correction and reduction. We ensure that sound reverberation is controlled at a desired noise frequency. Products include Wall Panels, Absorbers, Sound Diffusers and more for floor to ceiling noise control. Many industries that have loud production or operations may be in danger of hearing damage or loss – eliminate impact noise with our industrial noise control products. Talk to our experts today and get the correct answers about how to eliminate or reduce your noise situation.


  • Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers
  • Pipe & Duct Products
  • Sound Absorbers/ Noise Barrier Composites
  • Flexible Noise Barriers
  • Exterior Sound Curtains/Enclosures
  • Construction Noise Control
  • In-Plant Sound Curtains/Enclosures
  • Baffles, Wall Panels & Ceiling Absorbers

Our industrial noise control curtain enclosures analyzed to reduce noise around industrial equipment and control noise within your facility.

In-Plant Noise Enclosures

We offer several solutions to industrial noise problems: Sound Curtain Systems, Portable Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Screens, and our new, Standard Fixed and Portable Offerings – all of our products are customized to provide you with a turnkey acoustical solution.

Complete Noise Enclosures: When using a complete four-sided enclosure with a roof, this noise reduction can exceed 20 dB(A) while still offering access, visibility and ventilation to critical machines.

Partial Noise Enclosures: are defined as a barrier wall, two- or three-sided enclosure, or a four-sided enclosure without a roof. Noise reduction can exceed 15 dB(A) on a partial enclosure utilizing our Barrier Backed or Barrier Septum Composites.

Floor Mounted Enclosure

This permanent/fixed option is a great choice to use around stationary equipment on a production floor or loud equipment near a production office. Available in two sizes, this flexibility allows you to choose the option that fits your needs to surround machinery in your facility, for example, blowers, compressors, dust collectors, granulators, etc.

1. Base Plates
2. Double Track for Access
3. Corner Connectors
4. Columns
5. BBC-13-2″ or BSC-25 Panel
6Option: Clear Vinyl Full Width Window
7. Option: Roof with Valance
8Option: Roof Top Vent Baffle
9. Option: Side Vent Baffle

Portable Enclosure

Our three-sided standard portable enclosures work well around compressors, units near a wall, and loud, portable equipment that needs to be moved frequently. When two portable enclosures are used together, a larger, 4-sided unit can be created.

1. Built-in Locking Casters
2. Rugged Tubular Steel Frame
3. BBC-13-2″ or BSC-25 Panel

4Option: Clear Vinyl Full Width Window
5. Option: Roof
6Option: Roof Top Vent Baffle
7. Option: Side Vent Baffle


  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Soundproof Partitions
  • Motor & Pump Enclosures
  • Test Areas
  • OEM Noise Control Systems
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Warehouses
  • Compressor Enclosures

Product Benefits

  • Unlimited Size & Configuration
  • Custom Viewing Windows
  • Structural Support Systems Available
  • Straight Walls, Partial or Complete Enclosures
  • Easy Modification of Flexible and Versatile Soft Wall

Standard In-Plant Panel Facings

tan noise control panel
black noise control panel
grey noise control panel
white noise control panel

Available Soundproofing Products


Our highly qualified service technicians are available to install and service our products to maximize the return on your investment. To reduce your downtime, we have spare parts in stock for immediate delivery and are available day or night.


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