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Scissor Lift Table Skirts/Enclosures

Shaver Industries has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of lift table skirting for over 30 years. We have the ability to make almost any configuration you would need. Since most lift tables on the market are different, we custom make our lift table skirting to fit your requirements. We also offer a wide range of materials; built with a tear resistant heavy duty vinyl, these stitched table enclosures stand the test of time. We also offer heat bonded lift table skirting that are durable and increase the longevity of your lift table enclosure.

Lift Table Skirts are bellows that serve a functional purpose that keep debris from damaging the equipment mechanisms, electrical or hydraulic components. Lift table skirts are bellows that are easy to install with mounting rails and fasteners. Our lift table skirts are custom fitted to be installed on a unit such as a lift table, uni-tilts, ground scissor lifts, work station scissor lifts, and more. The lift table skirts/enclosures comply with OSHA pinch point specifications ensuring that your equipment is safety compliant.

Lift Table Enclosure Design Features

Single or multiple sided lift table enclosure – our lift table skirting can be customized to protect all sides for a lift table, tilt table or a combination of both.

Premium quality lift table bellows – the 3″ wide vinyl coated polyester material can be customized and is welded together at each corner before sewing to ensure a high quality bellow build.

Air Control Fabric – on a 4-sided lift table enclosure, air holes are implemented to opposite sides at the top of the bellows to allow for air to cycle through-out the accordion enclosure.

Lift Table Enclosure Extension Straps – the additional extension straps are implemented to ease pressure on the stitching by allowing a uniform extension per each convolution.

Mounting Flatbar (Galvanized) – included additionally, if required, for installations into the collars of the lift table enclosure, which are located by being sewn into the inside dimension of the lift table bellow in which the body will hang outside of the dimension of the table OR sewn to the outside of the lift table bellow in which the body will hang inside the outside dimension of the table.


  • Customized Sizing
  • Customized Mounting Options
  • Various Folding/Pleating Lengths
  • Various Materials Offered
  • Internal Folds or Exterior Folds

Lift Table Enclosure Additional Options

Maintenance Straps – this option ensures the the lift table skirting is to be held up to the underside of the lift table for ease of access when maintenance procedures are performed.

Lift Table Skirt Zippers – specifically for retrofits, where the lift table skirt may not be installed with ease onto a lift table.

Hook & Loop Mounting – used instead of a flatbar, this is an alternative installation method for a lift table skirt over a lift table unit.

High Temperature Fabric – is your lift table handling special applications? Specialty fabrics are available for unique applications to ensure lift table skirt performance.

Restricted Space Performance – 3″ convolution width is standard for lift table bellows, although if your space is restricted and low retraction is needed to ensure the right fit, we’re able to fabricate the lift table bellow to ensure performance in unique situations.

Lift Table Bellow Enclosures

Customization Available

Lift Table Enclosures are custom made to your unique needs. Whatever your specific needs are, we’d be happy to accommodate. We understand that there are different needs for each customer, we’ll provide the solution for your lift table enclosure needs.

Quick Installation

Our Lift Table Enclosures are made to install quickly & efficiently. Our high-grade stitching is what makes our Lift Table Enclosure unique. Installation by Shaver Industries is also available.

Special Shapes

Specifically made to suit your special needs. Fill out our quote form in detail to receive a quote tailored to your unique needs.

Product Benefits

Replaceable Enclosure

We provide replaceable Lift Table Enclosures. The enclosures typically wear out from continuous use and we’re able to manufacture a Lift Table Enclosure tailored to your needs.

High Performance

The Lift Table Enclosure is manufactured based on state-of-the-art stitching techniques to remove any potential skirting. Our Lift Table Enclosures are designed to be used in the most rigorous conditions – and we guarantee the Lift Table Enclosure will perform to your expectations.

Product Details

Stitched Lift Table Enclosure

Overview: The most common style of lift table enclosures. The enclosures are held together using industrial stitching.
Construction: Stitched Vinyl
Material: 18oz Vinyl
Fold Depth: 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″
Color: Any. Most commonly Yellow or Black
Rib Structure: Optional stiffening wires
Mounting: Flat Steel Bar “ Bolt on

Heat Bonded Skirt

Overview: Instead of stitching the vinyl is heat welded to a rigid PVC skeleton. This enclosure uses the same vinyl material but has a very clean crisp appearance. Great for wash down applications and when a more rigid construction is needed.
Construction: Heat Sealed Vinyl
Material: 10oz Vinyl
Fold Depth: 1″, 1.5″, 2″
Color: Any. Most commonly Yellow or Black
Rib Structure: Rigid PVC flats on every fold
Mounting: Flat Steel Bar – Bolt on

Other Common Questions

How does the enclosure mount to the lift table?

There is a 3″ flange on the top of the enclosure that attaches to the side of the lift table as shown below. This is then bolted to the lift table every 12″ The flange will have flat steel bar or stiff PVC in the flange pocket depending on the style of enclosure you purchase.

Does the enclosure need to attach at the bottom?

Most installations allow for the enclosure to rest on the floor while only the top is attached. The weight of the enclosure often is enough to keep the enclosure on the floor. We also have optional weight bars for the bottom which can be ordered and added after the enclosure is installed.

What is the difference between internal and external fold?

  • Below you can see that the folds of the bellows can face outward, or inward depending on what style you want.
  • Please be aware that internal fold bellows need adequate room facing inwards for the folds.
  • For instance, if you have a 50″ x 50″ top size and a 50″ x 50″ bottom lift table size then an internal fold will not work.
  • Pit lifts that are mounted in the floor generally always need an internal fold for them to work.
  • Internal folds have the smallest foot print for conserving space.
  • External folds are the most common and best option for when you are unsure that an internal fold will work.

What fold depth should I choose?

  • Fold depth (as indicated in the above image as xx) is the width of the folds
  • 3″ folds are the most common and economical
  • Smaller folds would only be needed if you have space constraints such as lift table carts and pit lifts.
  • The smaller the fold the more expensive the enclosure and the taller the stack up of the enclosure.

Are different colors available?

Yes there are different colors available for stitched enclosure and the heat bonded skirts. The standard colors are black, yellow or black and yellow together. Other colors can be requested on the fill in Quote forms.

Are there any OSHA requirements regarding scissor lift table enclosure?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates workplace safety around pinch points to reduce occupational injuries. According to the OSHA definition, pinch points are points on presses and other workplace equipment where workers could get a finger or other body part caught between two moving parts. The OSHA warns that pinch points can cause severe injuries, including amputation, and regulates work practices for workers exposed to pinch points.

Scissor lift tables have scissors which are a very dangerous pinch points. Thus, if the lift table is not properly shrouded with a lift table skirt then OSHA will issue your facility a fine. This includes mobile scissor lift tables.

Are there any specific requirements for having skirting on scissor lift tables? Are they absolutely required?

If OSHA comes to your facility and finds a scissor lift table that does not have an enclosure / guard then you will most likely be fined. A scissor lift table is a pinch point hazard and industrial facilities have to guard against pinch points. In addition you are providing a safer work environment for your workers.

Can you please give us the OSHA Rule or reference that speaks about guarding of pinch points?

OSHA does not specifically call out lift tables in their documentation. Rather they call out pinch points and shear points which can be present with many different machines. These pinch points and shear point must be properly guarded to protect your personnel.


Satisfied Customers

Established in 1986, Shaver Industries has evolved to become a trusted name in manufacturing, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele.

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