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InsulWall® is an insulated, flexible warehouse temperature control curtain wall.  InsulWall is the modern warehouse temperature control curtain wall that’s flexible, insulated, modular, and adaptable to virtually any warehouse environment. An alternative to rigid panels and traditional dry wall, the InsulWall temperature control curtain wall helps organizations create humidity and temperature-controlled warehouse space with ease and efficiency.

Whether your business is storing seasonal produce, craft beer, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, or has machinery that requires humidity and temperature control – InsulWall temperature control curtain helps partition your warehouse space to create the right environment for your business needs.

In addition, InsulWall temperature control curtain is the only moveable or modular warehouse curtain wall that is constructed with recycled insulation, making it a LEED® contributing product. The InsulWall temperature control curtain reduces your green footprint 4x lower than virgin fiber while producing optimal thermal performance. Installs easily, attaches to roof decks, joists, beams and more. Learn how to effectively create temperature-controlled areas with InsulWall temperature control curtain.

InsulWall® Explained

How does InsulWall® work?

InsulWall® works in conjunction with the building’s refrigeration and HVAC units to partition space and maintain setpoint temperatures and humidity levels.  With Shaver Industries’ 30 years of temperature-control experience, our team engages with project contractors and building managers to ensure InsulWall will work effectively with the building’s infrastructure and is designed and installed to each application’s specifications.

Temperature & Humidity Control

InsulWall® is the only flexible, insulated curtain wall constructed with recycled insulation making it a GREEN, LEED® contributing product. Constructed with a variety of R values, choice of recycled insulation or fiberglass core, and wall thicknesses – InsulWall® meets humidity and temperature-control needs.

Environmental Management

Redesigning your workspace becomes quick & simple. Your workspace can be completely redesigned in days. Ability to ensure that space sizing can be completely reconfigured with modular 5′ wide panels. Storing the temperature control curtain wall can be managed easily – by storing in boxes.

Entry Options

PVC Strip Curtains

Swinging Doors

Power Roll Up Doors


IW-3 provides up to 15 degrees F (9 degrees C) of temperature separation

IW-6 provides up to 25 degrees F (14 degrees C) of temperature separation

IW-9 provides up to 35 degrees F (19.5 degrees C) of temperature separation

IW-15 provides up to 40 degrees F (22 degrees C) of temperature separation

Installation & Design

Our highly qualified service technicians are available to install and service our products to maximize the return on your investment. To reduce your downtime, we have spare parts in stock for immediate delivery and are available day or night.

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