Industrial Warehouse Curtains & Dividers

The premium grade industrial warehouse curtains & dividers can revitalize your floor space to quickly divide your warehouse into sections focused on different applications. Ensure that your warehouse employees are staying within their respective departments and concentrated on the operation at hand. Our industrial warehouse curtains are feasible for tenants that are leasing out warehouse space to another company. Warehouse curtains are large dividers that maximize unused floor space. Warehouse curtain dividers are built for longevity while keeping your costs low. The industrial warehouse curtain walls are made to your specific needs and may be designed with on-the-go adjustability in mind. The industrial warehouse curtain walls can be retracted from one side depending on your daily activities and closed quickly & easily to divide warehouse and shop work areas. Industrial warehouse curtain walls are a cost-advantage to fixed permanent walls, costing around 70% less than a permanent fixed wall and installation taking only a few days.

Our industrial warehouse curtain walls are designed to exact specification and custom materials based on your company standards and/or operation. Divide your production facility and create more usable space with our industrial warehouse curtain divider wall solution. Our industrial warehouse curtain wall solutions can be applied to many facilities, such as: manufacturing, warehouse, collision repair facilities, and many more applications.

If your warehouse facility is large but has different processes, the industrial warehouse curtain walls can be installed to form smaller and more efficient work areas. These work areas are easier to manage and can help sort out different work processes, manage employees easier, and increase safety containing cross-contamination due to the vinyl industrial curtains. Do you need warehouse temperature control? Let us know, we offer InsulWall temperature control curtains.

Revitalize your warehouse floor space with our Industrial warehouse curtain wall dividers:

  • Shaver industrial warehouse curtain walls, partitions and enclosures are versatile, economical and highly effective.
  • Can be suspended from existing ceilings, providing greater cost savings when compared to the construction of permanent structures.
  • Vinyl warehouse curtain wall dividers can alleviate problems with odor, light blocking, fume and dust control, or air flow, temperature control, and noise control.
  • Industrial warehouse curtain wall dividers include an option of stationary or retractable vinyl industrial warehouse curtains.
  • If your needs change, it is easy to remove or restructure our products in comparison to fixed blocks or metal partitions which cost 30-40% of initial investment to take down.
  • Shaver will analyze your specific needs and recommend a warehouse curtain wall, partition or enclosure system that is ideal for the use, conditions, and space requirements of your particular work space or area.
  • Our industrial warehouse curtain dividers are proudly made in Canada. Shaver Inc. is a trusted Canadian industrial manufacturer, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele.

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Product Benefits

warehouse curtains

Large & Small Warehouse Curtains

The industrial warehouse curtain enclosures are designed to control processes, temperature, noise, and humidity. We’re able to provide warehouse curtains for large & small warehouses.

Warehouse Curtain Options


Sliding Track

Power Roll-up Curtains

Manual Roll-up Curtains

Warehouse Curtain Benefits

Cost Efficient vs. Brick & Mortar

Quick & Convenient Privacy Areas

Multiple Mounting Options

Easy Installation & Operation

Controls Airflow, Contaminants, Temperature, Odors, Sound & Light


Industrial curtain walls are manufactured with versatility in mind. The curtain walls are made to open/close quickly & easily. With a fixed curtain wall, an access point such as a door may be more ideal. A door would be an advantage for high traffic environments. Our innovative solutions can be customized to provide PVC strip curtains, swinging doors, and motorize roll-up doors as an addition to the curtain wall enclosure.


The installation of an industrial curtain wall will depend on the initial design and planning of the project. Enclosing a facility space will include numerous warehouse curtain walls to maximize effectiveness of the industrial curtain partition. Shaver’s technical installation experts will ensure that the specifics of the installation are followed and will propose the best option for your facility. The most efficient curtain wall divider installations are when our installation experts visit the proposed site of the industrial curtain wall installation and we build a design to fit your exact space. Our installation experts will take note of exact customer needs on our site visit to ensure a proper and timely installation process.

Product Details


Satisfied Customers

Established in 1986, Shaver Industries has evolved to become a trusted name in manufacturing, providing reliable products and services to an impressive list of clientele.

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