Noise Solutions For Roof Top HVAC Units

noise control solutions

Our customer had an issue with noise from their roof top heating/cooling/ventilation system. The noise was an issue for adjacent companies and suburban neighbours. They turned to the Shaver Industries team to come up with a quick, cost effective solution. Shaver has a 20+ year history of providing environmental and material handling solutions to every type of end user.

We assessed the situation, measured and installed our outdoor, 10 year life combo Absorber/Barrier Flexible panels in standard widths with height dimensions as required.

Our turn-key solutions result in lower costs than an engineering assessment which does not provide mechanical and/or material handling considerations and costing. Shaver Industries is a one source supplier of all critical assessments including noise measurements, reporting and materials and labour costs of resolutions.

Shaver’s noise panels met all our customer’s needs, greatly reducing the noise pollution at their site.