Noise Abatement Solutions Increase Productivity & Safety

noise abatement

Many industrial facilities have noisy equipment that can hamper both worker productivity and safety. In this case, a wastewater treatment facility had the issue where a noisy compressor was uncovered in the middle of the facility, causing excess noise throughout the building.

Shaver’s noise abatement enclosures provide a noticeable reduction of excess noise throughout the building and contribute to a safe and productive working environment. Added benefits of Shaver’s noise abatement enclosures are that they are easy to construct and disassemble if necessary. The noise reduction panels are also attached using Velcro which allows the maintenance staff easy access to the compressor unit.

Shaver Industries was able to meet the customer’s needs by providing a custom noise reduction system to contain the noisy compressor. Furthermore, Shaver was able to provide a complete turnkey solution for the customer by installing the product onsite to meet the customer’s requirements.