Do you have a scissor lift at your workplace? A Lift Table Enclosure is what you need to ensure it’s safety. Serving a variety of Fortune 500 companies, Shaver Industries has been manufacturing lift table enclosures/skirting since 1986. Our Lift Table Enclosures are competitively priced and can be customized to make your lifting challenge safe and efficient.

Lift Table Enclosures are sometimes referenced as Lift Table Skirting, as they ensure that the bottom part of your lift table is enclosed to provide a safe work environment for your employees. The main task of a lift table is to move goods on different levels safely and efficiently, we provide the enclosure to limit wear and tear on the lift function and prevent employees from jamming their hands in the dangerous lift table scissor components.

The Lift Table Enclosure is designed as a bellow to provide a physical barrier at the pinch point of the scissor lift. Protecting the lifting component from contaminants and employee workplace injury minimizes maintenance costs, downtime and increases safety.

When purchasing a Lift Table Enclosure for your scissor lift, there are a few options to keep in mind. Ensuring that you get a competitive price and maximum functionality is essential to purchasing a Lift Table Enclosure.

Our Lift Table Enclosure Ultimate Buying Guide is here to help you make the most informed decision when purchasing a Lift Table Enclosure. A few options to help you with your Lift Table Enclosure purchase:

#1. Design Features

The Lift Table Enclosure can be customized depending on how many sides your lift table has. Single or multi-sided lift tables are common, we can customize your Lift Table Enclosure based on your needs.

Premium Quality Material
Our vinyl coated polyester is produced at premium quality, ensuring product longevity. The rigid interior plastic frames are welded into the vinyl coated polyester to ensure stability and rigidity versus conventional style lift table skirts. The material is welded together to ensure uniformity and superior efficiency. Additionally, a mesh breathing fabric or ventilation holes are implemented into opposite sides to prevent the bellowing of the Lift Table Enclosure to ensure straight tracking and proper functionality.

#2. Additional Options

Maintenance Straps
When performing maintenance, our Lift Table Enclosure maintenance straps allow for ease of access to the underside of the lift table. The maintenance straps holds the lift table enclosure tight to the underside of the table allowing free & clear access for your maintenance crew.

Including zippers in a Lift Table Enclosure are manufactured for retrofits. This is common for when a Lift Table Enclosure may not be easily implemented over a scissor lift table.

Restricted Space
Customizing the Lift Table Enclosure to meet your work environment needs is our specialty, we will work with you to satisfy your needs and satisfy your unique challenges.

Choosing a Lift Table Enclosure color is available when designing your Lift Table Enclosure. Standard colors are less expensive but we will customize your Lift Table Enclosure to meet your company needs and uphold safety and brand integrity.

#3. Material Preference

Lift Table Enclosures are standard vinyl bellows in a typical situation. A vinyl material will most likely meet the needs of your application. Vinyl Lift Table Enclosure performance is undoubted and will increase the longevity of your scissor lift while maintaining quality and efficiency. Although, there are situations where our clients’ environment requires different materials. In that case, Kevlar or a chain mesh is the best alternative to vinyl. These materials perform well in high-temperature situations and are highly flexible.

#4. Mounting Selection

We offer several types of mounting options – a velcro attachment and a flat bar mount. The size of a scissor lift table is what ultimately decides on the requirement of the mounting selection. Velcro is a highly economical mounting option and is common in Lift Table Enclosures. Although, velcro is not recommended for large scissor lift tables. For larger scissor lift tables, the flat bar mount is highly recommended, as it’s bolted onto the lift. Large Lift Table Enclosures are heavier and rip away from the velcro adhesive, hence why we recommend a more robust implementation.

lift table enclosureOur Lift Table Enclosure Buying Guide is directed at business owners to help them make a more informed decision when purchasing a Lift Table Enclosure. The application of a Lift Table Enclosure varies through many things, such as: size of scissor lift, work environment, budget, etc. The Lift Table Enclosure Buying Guide will help you understand what goes into your quote pricing and how the application will fit your work environment to meet the efficiency and safety goals of your company.

Visit the Lift Table Enclosure product page and fill out a contact form and one of our Lift Table Enclosure product experts will reach out to answer any questions you may have.