A grinding machine, located in a corner of a factory was causing major noise issues for workers. Shaver suggested using our QABA-25 Noise Panels, in a 60’ wide x 30’ deep area, hung from the ceiling to the floor. We were able to integrate three of our 7000 Series Power Roll Up Doors into this enclosure for easy access. The doors are programmed to close automatically, so there was no chance that the workers would forget to close a manual door.

This solution is proven to be less expensive than block wall. Turnkey solution — doors, walls and installation are all included in our service. Additionally, the enclosure can be moved to a different location within the plant, should the need arise to rearrange equipment in the future.

Great noise reduction was accomplished with this enclosure. Our expert team was able to install all of the products to complete this enclosure, rather than using multiple vendors specific to one product. Our customized enclosure was specifically made to this customer’s size requirements. Before the enclosure was installed the workers were required, by law, to use hearing protection. The workers can now work comfortably without the need of additional hearing protection.