Compressor Enclosure For Automotive Dealership

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How Shaver Helped

A major automotive dealership had three very noisy compressors located in their service department. The compressors were in a storage area that people needed to access from time to time. The compressors were in an area with an intricate array of beams, pipes and wires. The customer turned to Shaver to design and install a custom noise enclosure.

They did not want to hang a lot of weight from the ceiling, as it is a newer building. They were pleased to find a team of professionals ready to provide a complete solution and installation of our QABA-25 Sound Panels onto a floor supported system.

We also used QA-4V to cut and fit around the beams, pipes and wires to create a 100% enclosure for the sound waves. We made one end of an enclosure with a sliding door to access as required. The size of the enclosure ensured that there was enough verification for the compressors.

Shaver’s Noise Abatement Solutions allowed the customer to create an environment where the workers no longer need to wear hearing protection.

This has resulted in better conditions for both employees and customers in the service area of the car dealership.