Bellows – The Ultimate Guide

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Bellows are a simple yet effective means of protecting machines and equipment from various types of damage. These flexible covers are made of durable materials and can be custom-designed to fit a wide range of applications, making them a popular choice for machine protection in various industries. They are an essential component in many industrial

The Many Benefits of Lift Table Enclosures

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The Many Benefits of Lift Table Enclosures Maintenance managers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and safety in the workplace. One way to do this is by investing in lift table enclosures. Lift table enclosures are a great way to protect workers from moving parts and increase work efficiency. In this blog post,

Way Cover Repair Guide

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Way Cover Repair Guide Summer shutdowns are fast approaching and are the perfect time to have your way cover repairs done. Shaver designs telescopic metal way covers, CNC way covers, accordion way covers, machine tool way covers and more to suit any profile you need. Replacement of way covers is very costly, making repairs a great

The Advantages of Roll Up Mesh Bug Doors

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Shaver Industries offers our Roll Up Mesh Bug Doors to maximize airflow and sunlight into your facilities, while keeping bugs, animals and other debris outside. These roll up screens can be used as industrial screen doors, commercial screen doors or dock door screens and offer a convenient solution to improve workplace conditions for employees and