Temperature Control Curtain – Pharmaceutical Case Study

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Client: One of America’s largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of healthcare supplies and services Warehouse Footprint: 200,000 square feet leased warehouse Challenge: In compliance with VAWD regulations, a controlled room temperature storage area was required for a select group of prescription items. Project Summary Established in 2004, VAWD®,

Temperature Control Curtain – M Block Case Study

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“ We deal exclusively with coffee production at our Chicago location. InsulWall® was the right choice for our packaging equipment to create a clean environment to control temperature, humidity and even noise.” Don Ward, Corporate Facilities Manager Facility: 209,000 Sq.Ft Purpose: Coffee Packaging Equipment Strategy: Potential For Future Expansion

Temperature Control Curtain – Chocolate Case Study

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Chex Finer Foods Chex Finer Foods focuses on providing independent and leading retailers with groups of differentiated items not available in major chains. Over the past three years, Chex Finer Foods’ product lines and inventory has doubled. One particular area of growth has been its candy and chocolate selection. Today, candy and chocolate