Quality Products, Unmatched Service

Quality Products, Unmatched Service

Welding Protection Solutions

Stay safeguarded from welding hazards with our top-tier welding protection solutions. Our industrial high-temperature grinding and welding screens and curtains are expertly engineered to withstand flying sparks, providing robust protection while allowing ample light to pass through. Embrace the perfect blend of safety, durability, and visibility with our premium products, designed to keep your workspace secure and efficient

Soft Wall Solutions

Our industrial curtain walls and dividers are tailored to your specific needs, offering on-the-go adjustability. Ideal for various facilities, our solutions include warehouse curtains, temperature control curtains, welding curtains, food-grade curtains, PVC strip curtains, and more. Enhance your workspace with our versatile and functional curtain walls and dividers.

Machine & Safety Protection

Shaver Industries excels in providing top-quality industrial bellows to safeguard employees and enhance machine guarding. Our telescopic covers, featuring an accordion system, are designed to protect guideways and machine components efficiently.

Noise Control Solutions

Our Industrial Noise Control products are designed for optimal acoustical correction and reduction. We ensure sound reverberation is managed at desired noise frequencies. Our noise control curtain enclosures are analyzed to effectively reduce noise around industrial equipment and within your facility.

Noise Control Solutions

PVC Strip Doors & Curtains

We offer a wide range of PVC welding strip colors, each providing varying levels of U.V. light resistance. Our PVC strips are durable, flexible, and easy to install, making them ideal for creating safe, efficient work environments. Whether you need them for welding areas, temperature control, or dust containment, our PVC strips provide reliable performance and longevity.


Design & Consultation

Leveraging our cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize your project outcomes. Committed to excellence, we invest continuously in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to deliver high-quality products efficiently, whether for short or long production runs.


Our Core Values

Shaver Industries is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by embodying three pillars that drive our dedication to building and maintaining long lasting relationships.

Our Customers Say

“Shaver has won this business because of its ability to supply a turn-key solution, personal effort, and competitive pricing.”

Jonathan, MAHLE

Providing Turnkey Solutions

Shaver Industries provides solutions for various industries for all your environmental and machine protection needs.